Saunders House Featured at the PECO Tower

On the weekend of April 11-14, 2014, the Saunders House name was up in lights at the PECO Tower in Philadelphia. To mark the 150th anniversary of Saunders House, the Crown Lights program featured the Saunders House message for three nights. The message appeared as: "Saunders House: Celebrating 150 Years of Aging With Grace,"

Saunders House Appoints Dr. Firas Saidi as New Medical Director

Saunders House is pleased to announce that, effective May 2, 2014, Dr. Firas Saidi was appointed the Medical Director of Saunders House, and Dr. Charles Breish was appointed the Associate Medical Director. Dr. Saidi succeeds Dr.Bruce Silver who served Saunders House as Medical Director for over 36 years.

PECO TOWER “Crown Lights” Featuring Saunders House Anniversary

Crown LightsIn honor of the 150th anniversary of Saunders House, the “Crown Lights” of the PECO tower in downtown Philadelphia will display the following message from April 11 to April 13, 2014: Saunders House: Celebrating 150 Years of Aging With Grace, We are very pleased to have this opportunity to showcase our heritage in such a prominent way. 

Ray Bowman Celebrates 105 Years!

Ray Bowman

Ray Bowman recently celebrated a milestone birthday.  At age 105, Ray is our oldest resident at Saunders House. He has lived with us for the past four years, and we’re proud to have him as a resident.

Ray was recently interviewed by PHL 17 reporter Ashley Johnson in his residence in September 2013.  Happy to be in good health and good spirits, Ray talks about life as a 105-year-old and shares his years of wisdom.  His daughter, Dr. Alice Bowman-Cropper, was also present for the interview and spoke of her devotion to her father.

Saunders House in its 150th Year

Founders Day Cake

Wynnewood, PA—Saunders House, located at 100 Lancaster Avenue in Wynnewood PA, was originally chartered on April 20, 1864 in Philadelphia under the name, “The Old Man’s Home of Philadelphia.”  Located across from Presbyterian Hospital at 39th and Powelton Avenue, the Home was the first of its kind in the city.  At that time, other homes existed for the care of women and children but no facility existed for the care of men.  A few concerned and generous ladies from the city banded together in 1860 to begin the formation of a home for “older men with reduced circum